SOLD OUT (sorry!): Kosher Nostra! Jewish Gangsters Tour of the Lower East Side

Sunday, July 16 @ Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday, July 16 @ Lower East Side, NYC

Lower East Side, NYC (photo 1 of 1)
1 pm - 4 pm
$39 before July 7; $45 thereafter
All Ages

This event is geared for all Jewish singles and is not intended to be gender-balanced or age-specific. Please attend if you are interested in learning about the history of Jewish gangsters in NYC and meeting other fun Jewish people. 

Lets Explore Jewish Gangster History with our own Private Tour Guide

They put the “organized” into “organized crime!”

Monk Eastman ran the roughest street gang in all of New York, but he was buried as a decorated WWI soldier. Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky first met over a hot dice game on Rivington Street. Years later, they established the crime syndicate that turned bootleg liquor into a multi-million dollar enterprise and made Las Vegas the gambling empire of America. They were thugs. They were businessmen. They were the Jewish Gangsters of the Lower East Side.

Let our Gangster Guide show you around the hood under his personal protection. Sites include: Shapiro’s Wine Cellar, Williamsburg Bridge, Seward Park, site of the old Roumanian-American Congregation, Angel Orensanz Foundation, Kossar’s Bialys and more!

How it works/ Itinerary 

The tour starts at 2 PM SHARP. Arrive at 1:00 PM for our pre-Tour Mingle and to be introduced to the other attendees. The exact location will be provided to ticket purchasers. 

Purchase your ticket today. Don't make us send someone after you!