Let's Get Wild! Jewish Professionals Tour of the Bronx Zoo

Sunday, June 25 @ Bronx Zoo

Sunday, June 25 @ Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo (photo 1 of 1)
1 pm - 3:30 pm
2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460
$39 before June 17; $49 thereafter
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All Ages

This event is geared for all Jewish singles and is not intended to be gender-balanced or age-specific. Please attend if you have an interest in the Zoo and are looking to meet other fun Jewish singles and make new friends.

Lets Explore the Bronx Zoo with our own Private Tour Guide

Dating scene driving you apeshit? Join us for a more informal adventure at a Private Tour of the Bronx Zoo for Jewish Singles members of LetMyPeopleGo.com and SocialEvents123.com.

This is a fun event where you can learn about the relationship between predators and their prey, including the physical and behavioral adaptations that help animals survive and make some new friends.

How it works/ Itinerary 

The tour starts at 1:30 PM SHARP. You must arrive by 1:00 PM  (the exact location will be provided to ticket purchasers). We will introduce you to the other attendees and provide your admission tickets to the Zoo.

For the first hour of our 2-Hour Adventure, we will be taking the Predators and Prey Tour which will explore things like:

  • How are cheetahs able to hunt alone whereas lions hunt in groups? 
  • How can a gazelle escape the grasp of the world's fastest-moving land animal? 

In this program, we observe and examine the hunters and the hunted to determine the adaptations each uses to eat or avoid being eaten.

Then the group will have another hour to explore the zoo. The Tour takes place rain-or-shine (in the case of rain, we will take advantage of indoor exhibits).

This won't be boring. If we're lion, we're dyin'.

Meetup Locations

You will have two options for meeting the group:

  • Meet us at Penn Station and take the train together. It lets us off just a few blocks from the Zoo; or 
  • Meet at the Zoo at the location we will provide to you.

NOTE: You must arrive by 1 PM. Tour starts at 1:30. If you arrive later there will unfortunately not be a way to find our group. 

White Rhino

Rhino-t purchase a ticket today?